Redemptorist Church

Section 57 Planning Application, Design, Tender and Supervision of Car Park and Grounds

refurbishment at the Redemptorists Church in Limerick.

The existing Car Park surface was becoming a health and safety issue. Cars were parking right up to the steps of the church and there was no longer a safe pedestrian space outside of the front doors.

This was a major project for the office, located in the heart of Limerick. Quantity Surveying, Conservation and Engineering professionals were sub-consulted.

A contemporary Lighting Scheme, new car park surfacing and drainage, a respectful and welcoming layout for the entrance area, Planting, new Limestone paving and steps, and accessible access, have all given the church a new lease of life. The client from the outset valued the external environment and appreciated the sensitive approach we brought to the project, from recreating the replica cross and lanterns, to choosing the correct stone for the paving all important elements of the design.

This project was further enhanced with the later addition of a statue in the forecourt, which was also

brought through a formal Planning, Design and Tender process.