Kilmurry Roundabout

Following on from the Pollinator Roundabout scheme sponsored by Limerick City and County Council, Edward life Sciences approached us to design a roundabout for them to sponsor. So we began that process of design and construction to implement a new scheme for the Kilmurry Roundabout.

Again Pollinators and Biodiversity were to be at the heart of the brief.

Kilmurry Roundabout is a design based on an existing copse of tree planting, 50% of which were removed to give space for the others to grow. We positioned ornamental grasses, perennial planting and bulbs en masse within some timber kerbing to create an attractive and welcoming design. Plants were selected with pollinators in mind with early flowering crocus in Spring and a variety of other plants throughout the seasons.

The client wanted a more traditional well maintained lawn look, so early flowering crocuses were planted within the lawn to help balance out the biodiversity. Avara landscapes used rolled turf when constructing this roundabout to create a perfect lawn from the start.