Multimillion pound boost to save UK’s Meadows

Plantlife is leading a nationally-coordinated programme of action to save the UK’s remaining wildflower-rich meadows and grasslands through the Saving Our Magnificent Meadows project. This project is a £3million heritage Lottery Fund supported project which hopes to transform the fortunes of Britains vanishing meadows and grassland.

  • Only 2% of the meadows and grasslands that existed in the 1930s remain
  • More than 7 million acres have been lost
  • Species integrally connected to the meadows include: cowslip, early purple orchid, barn owl, skylark, brown hare, harvest mouse, greater horseshoe bat, adonis blue butterfly and short-haired bumblebee

The meadow and grassland fragments that remain are still being ploughed up and destroyed!

Is the same happening in Ireland?

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