Design in the community!

Kevin McClouds, Grand Designs ( is essential viewing for most architects and is great inspiration for people taking on a build project. Dermot Bannons Room to Improve (RTE) is equally interesting for small builds and extensions and has that same addictive charm about its production.

But what of Landscape Architects and inspiration for their clients, what is available there?


[frame src=”” width=”IMAGE_WIDTH” height=”IMAGE_HEIGHT” lightbox=”on” title=”IMAGE_TITLE” align=”left” ]Well I’ve stumbled across one interesting programme recently on Channel 4, on the internet called Sarah Beeny’s Streets Ahead. This is interesting for small community projects and shows how a community can come together and make improvements to the street scape by pulling together and making joint decisions with the help of a designer. The idea or motivational factor behind this is that by improving the aesthetics of the whole street the value of all the properties will rise.

This series was made in 2005 and is available on 4oD and also on YouTube:

Another interesting programme around the theme of Landscape Architecture is: Kevin McCloud and the Big Town Plan where Kevin looks at typical Landscape Architect projects and highlights the importance of public realm design in this short series of 4 episodes. Available to watch on 4od and YouTube.

The Landscape Man was a garden design programme that was hosted by Matthew Wilson, the Creative Director of the Royal Horticultural Society. Matthew played the role of a Landscape Architect and this programme highlighted many of the complexities of a modern landscape Designer working with gardens. Its not currently available on 4od unfortunately.

Let me know if you come accross any other programmes that might come under this category.

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