Public Realm Design

There are many indicators, environmental and health studies telling us we need greener towns and cities, more interesting playgrounds for children, gardens, parks, more tree lines streets, and safer public spaces. Dave brings professional qualified experience to bear in these areas, and believes that together we have an opportunity to bring about massive improvements to our urban and rural landscapes for the benefit of our health and quality of life.

The public realm is defined as: ‘Publicly owned streets, sidewalks, rights-of-ways, parks and other publicly accessible open spaces, and public and civic buildings and facilities’

The Heritage Council of Ireland define the socio-economic, environmental and cultural benefits of improved Public Realm as follows:

  • Increased pedestrian flow – ‘footfall’ = enhanced ‘vitality and vibrancy’
  • A longer stay by shoppers and visitors = increased spend per head – local economy benefits
  • Increased rents and property values = enhanced ‘viability’
  • Increased street activity = pavement cafes, street markets, performances
  • Reduction in accidents and crime = reduction in public expenditure
  • Decreased noise and air pollution = better health
  • Multiplier effect = wider regeneration including heritage revitalisation

I offer consultancy services for every budget and for all aspects of Landscape Planning and Design; from strategic green infrastructure planning to street tree planting, parking space requirements, steps, ramps and accessibility issues, to appropriate site specific choice of planting material.

I have experience of Urban Squares and Street refurbishments, Residential landscapes and playgrounds. My experience of successful robust design in publicly accessible projects goes back to my experience of working in Sweden where designs withstand not only vandalism but also the serious weather conditions experienced there. Other projects where robust design has been important includes University of Limerick projects, School and Family Resource Centre projects, where the elements within the landscape are well used.


Design for Commercial, Residential, Educational and Spiritual Projects

Other publicly accessible projects worked with include: Shopping Centre Layouts, Cemetries, Noise Barriers, Paving and Planting schemes. As with Public Realm Design the design of Commercial and other spaces require expert input, and the design process is similar in many ways for all external environments, requiring expertise in understanding microclimate, geography, transport and parking space analysis, pedestrian perspective, vegetation, hardscape, drainage, lighting, etc.