Garden Design

Do you have a garden that needs to be designed from scratch?

Or is your garden in need of a makeover?

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your outdoor rooms?

Are you ready to increase your property’s value by €1000’s?

 [dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#555555″]D[/dropcap]ave can propose site specific solutions for all aspects of your Garden, be it Site Layout, Planning Permission , Accessibility & Parking Space requirements, Planting Plans, Lighting Plans, or Phasing your project in easy to handle stages.  Most people will only ever build one garden in their lifetime, and there is a certain enjoyment felt seeing the garden develop over time.  But the most important part of that dream garden is getting off on the right foot, and with a thought through Garden Plan!Sketch Designs can be produced within a few days and a further detailed design approach can be adopted as necessary.Dave would love to help you realize your once in a life time project. Rates are reasonable and competitive, and Garden Plans are broken into 3 phases:1. Initial Consultation and Site Inspection. A Survey Drawing is delivered as part of this 1st phase of work. 2. Sketch Design Stage. A series of Sketches, inspiration images, material palettes and illustrations in a process of reaching the ideal design. 3. Detailed Design Stage. A large scaled drawing with all elements detailed and quantified, suitable for going out to Tender or for use as construction drawings for a contractor to follow.Other Services can be offered to help bring your garden to completion, including: Tender documents and recommendations, Contract signing, Inspection visits, Staged Certification,Practical Completion, etc..If you are looking for a garden where high standards of quality are imperative and you do not have the means to employ an independent clerk of works to watch over your appointed contractor, I highly recommend interim inspections by a Landscape Architect, a very worthwhile use of services on offer.We also offer exceptional value for groups and commercial interests for all your Landscape Consultation requirements.Dave Ryan Landscape Architect is committed to delivering your quality garden design at an affordable price!